Mar 22nd Accelerated traffic in mainland China now available!

Due to the recen agreements with ChinaCache partners and direct connetcions to China Telecom, we are now able to accelerate the traffic from our servers in Hong Kong using premium mainland China connections

Feb 5th We are dropping Skype support starting from 01.March.2017

Microsoft is planning to stop the Skype support for MacOS and Linux opertaing system (as well as older versions of Skype for Windows)While we were trying to stay afloat with Skype support - this is not possible anymore without going into the great hassle from our side and unnecessary complicationsBusiness support has been moved to the Wire ... Read More »

Jan 9th 8 Petabytes (8000 TB) Cold Backup Arrays available via our custom integrated Google App Engine

From now, the personalized unlimited cold backup storage in arrays of 8PB (8000 TB) are available via our custom Google App Engine connectors, making it one of the cheapest cold sotage offers on the market :)

Dec 30th Google App Engine fully integrated into the infrastructure

Following our Amazon Web Services integration, we successfuly plugged Google App Engine to out portfolio. Starting from 01.January.2017, all client infrastutures will benefit from increased processing power backed by Google Compute Engine