Microsoft is planning to stop the Skype support for MacOS and Linux opertaing system (as well as older versions of Skype for Windows)

While we were trying to stay afloat with Skype support - this is not possible anymore without going into the great hassle from our side and unnecessary complications

Business support has been moved to the Wire messenger as well as our didecated HipChat channels

The general usage is just about the same like Skype.

We apologize for inconveniences, but Skype is not a viable option for multiplatform communication anymore, as it's being killed outside of the Windows ecosystem. From fast-pace and agile communication perspective - it's being degraded, "improved" until it no longer moves and finally reach the stage, where we are already developing a Stockholm syndrome while using it.

Our Skype channel will be available as long as Microsoft developers will let it run without further hassle from our side.
Which should be until 01.March.2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

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