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                     ​                     ​
                     </li>                     </li>
-                    <li style="​color:​black;">​We are an IT department ​for hire.</​li>​ +                    <li style="​color:​black;">​Support ​for existing custom infrastructures</li>
-                    <li style="​color:​black;">​Check more in the next column (who we are)</li>+
                 </ul>                 </ul>
             </​div>​             </​div>​
Line 75: Line 74:
                 <​li>​Specialized software machines</​li>​                 <​li>​Specialized software machines</​li>​
                 <​li>​Backup servers</​li>​                 <​li>​Backup servers</​li>​
-                <​li>​Cloud storage units</​li>​ 
                 <​li>​Remote desktops</​li>​                 <​li>​Remote desktops</​li>​
-                <​li>​Game servers</​li>​ 
             </ul>             </ul>
Line 84: Line 81:
         <td style="​width:​ 33.3333%; vertical-align:​ top; background-color:#​f5f5f5;">​         <td style="​width:​ 33.3333%; vertical-align:​ top; background-color:#​f5f5f5;">​
-            ​<h4>Who we are</​h4>​ +<h4>Call Center CRM/Forex CRM</​h4>​ 
-            <​ul>​ +<​ul>​ 
-                <li>We sell knowledge ​and experience ​(since May 1997)</​li>​ +<li>Industry leading one-stop shop for any forex callcenter/​broker</​li>​ 
-                <li>We are seasoned ​and skilled system administrators and programmers since the dawn of public internet. +<​li>​Mass-mailing ​and online campaigns with extensive tracking and analytics</​li>​ 
-                    Check our services below or details in the menu. +<​li>​Click2Call with multiple VoIP providers, agent never sees email/phone of the lead</​li>​ 
-                </li>+<​li>​Advanced compliance</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Split withdrawals,​ extended transaction management</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Full CMS (Wordpress-liketo manage website and client area</​li>​ 
 +<li>Executive/​Financial Reports</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Extremely granular users and roles permissions</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Scheduled jobs, hardware managements (firewalls, SMTP)</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Integrate by yourself any PSP (DepositAPI/​PSPService)</li
 +<​li>​Assign PSP/Payment gateway to countries, currencies, clients</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Cascade deposit options</​li>​ 
 +<​li>​Advanced UTM/Lead source and simple, flexible Registration API. Register leads directly from any landing page </​li>​ 
-                <​li>​We are international group of 11 experienced professionals consists of:</​span></​li>​ 
-                <ul> 
-                    <​li>​Programmers (Python/​C#/​PHP) (UK, RU, PL, CY)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​System administrators (Linux/​Unix) (PL, RU, CY, IT)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​Web Developers (PL, RU, IN, IT, DE)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​Data developers (PostgreSQL,​ Oracle, SQLServer) (UK, PL, IN)</​span></​li>​ 
-                </ul> 
-                <​li>​We maintain online infrastructures:</​span></​li>​ 
-                <ul> 
-                    <​li>​Database servers (incl. internal programming,​ replications,​ failovers etc)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​Web servers (all major technologies)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​Mail servers and mailing systems (incl. mass mailing campaigns)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​Network Security (incl. major 3rd party tools: Imperva, Cloudflare, custom systems)</​span></​li>​ 
-                    <​li>​and everything in between</​span></​li>​ 
-                </ul> 
-                <​li>​We build complex software and online systems for financial sector, international shipping and oil&​amp;​gas 
-                    industry</​span></​li>​ 
-                <​li>​Occasionally we do nice and eye-catchy websites</​span></​li>​ 
-            </ul> 
         </td>         </td>
-        <td style="​width:​ 33.3333%; vertical-align:​ top;​text-align:​left;​ background-color:#​f0f0f0;">​+        <td style="​width:​ 33.3333%; vertical-align:​ top;​text-align:​left;​ background-color:#​f0f0f0;​padding:​10px">
-            ​<​h4>​Webhosting, Wordpress Hosting</​h4>​ +          
-            <​ul>​ +<​h4>​Webhosting ​of High Importance</​h4>​ 
-                <li>Fully managedbased on Plesk</li> +<​ul>​ 
-                <​li>​All addons included in the price</li> +<li>This is boutique offerpriced accordingly at <b>€200/domain.</b </​li>​ 
-                <​li>​Auto malware removal</li> +<li>It's basically as good as it gets - everything necessary for you to never worry about your website. ​<br
-                <​li>​Warden antispam in/out (included)</​li>​ +This is not that far from any other premium hosting, we just cut off the economic class entirely ​<br
-                <li>Juggernaut firewall (included)</li+Our strength lies in decades of experience so naturally this is what we want to sell and this is covered by the price.</​li>​ 
-                <li>​Unlimited email accounts</​li+<​li> ​The support highlights 
-                <​li>​Wordpress kit</​li>​ +<ul
-                <li>Page builders</​li>​ +<​li> ​No limits on anything (technologies,​email acocunts, space etc) </​li>​ 
-                <li>DNS management</​li+<​li> ​24/7 bearded nerds at support channels of your choice (phonesSkypeMatrix networks)  ​</​li>​ 
-                <li>Unlimited databases and domains</​li>​ +<​li> ​Feels just like a remote branch of your company ​</​li>​ 
-                <li>PostgreSQL and MySQL</li> +</ul
-                <​li>​Django/​Flask/​other PythonRubyPHP</​li>​ +</​li>​ 
-                <li>Reseller account</​li>​ +<​li> ​ <a href="​https:​//wiki.gnuhost.eu/doku.php?​id=1.hosting:​1.shared-hosting"​ style="​color:​green"​Non-exhaustive list of selected technical details</a></​li>​ 
-                <​li>​Google Authenticator</li+<​li> ​ <a href="​https://​wiki.gnuhost.eu/​doku.php?​id=1.hosting:​2.dedicated-hosting"​ style="​color:​green"> ​List of datacenters with remarks and preference</​a></​li>​ 
-                <​li>​SEO Toolkit</​li>​ +  
-                <li>FTP / Filesharing</li> +</ul> 
-                <​li>​Immunify Antivirus<​/li> + 
-                <​li>​Docker<​/li> + 
-                <​li>​Let'​s Encrypt</​li>​ +             
-                <​li>​DNS Management</​li>​ +         
-                <​li>​Git deployment</​li>​ +      ​
-                <​li>​Google PageSpeed</​li>​ +
-                <li>Per-domain Bandwidth Limiting</li> +
-                <​li>​Daily backups</​li>​ +
-                <​li>​High Availability</​li>​ +
-                <li>AntiDDOS</​li>​ +
-                <​li><​a href="​https://​wiki.gnuhost.eu/​doku.php?​id=1.hosting:​1.shared-hosting"​ style="​color:​green">​More +
-                    details</​a></​li>​ +
-            </ul>+
         </td>         </td>
     </tr>     </tr>
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