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You can introduce the category and tell your users about it here is a retail brand of Kayala Limited Offshore Data Services, operating racks of servers (owned and leased) in the datacenters in Dusseldorf and Munich in Germany. Initially was designed as the service for sysadmins and advanced webmasters only, focused on GNU/Linux operating system. Thus the name, GNUHost Since the very beginning we were offering outstanding quality semi-cloud servers (VDS), with power switch and raw KVM control, allowing the client mount his DVD, access BIOS and operate exacty the same way like sitting in front of the machine. GNUHost was created for the sole purpose, that nobody was able to offer similar solution or at least we couldnt find it on the market. Between 2004-2013 the company operated as a non-registered group of 11 experienced freelance linux administrators from USA, UK, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Iran and India), focusing mostly on the professional system administration services, without the intentions of providing retail sales. Thanks to the high skills, hard work and excellent troubleshooting capabilities, the group managed to became the leading support, system administration and consultancy team, contracted by several forex and international maritime shipping companies. After 10 years of constant enterprise-level Linux/Windows oriented administration across the globe, the group decided to establish a limited liability company in order to enter rapidly growing oil&gas industry in the Middle East area, providing extremely high level of competence, availability and the best possible server experience.
We DONT offer moneyback guarantee on servers since all equipment is ordered and installed per customer request.
We DONT provide trial accounts since our services are built individually for the customers and we dont have spare resources and even if we have - each customer infrastructure is organized differently.
Services are available between 12 to 72 hours.
We accept bank transfers and credit cards payments via PayPal. Theres no reason to use any other credit card gateways since it will increase the transactions cost.
Yes, of course. Depends on the total order values, the customer receives great discounts or managed services and up to 20% on the hardware prices.
Free KVM 24/7/365 (Keyboard-Video-Mouse): client can reboot the machine, log into BIOS, change the BIOS parameters and track the system start/rescue the same way like just sitting in front of the machine Mount your own system: client can mount his own ISO file and install any system he wish to operate. Hybrid Resources: We never used (and we dont intend to) VPS containers. The idea of our VDS is to logically cut the host server into parts containg one physical core, RAM bank and often a separate hard disk connected from fiber optic SAN. THe perfect isolation from other parts of the host gives the VDS a full cloud server performance. Additional unofficial support channel (almost 24/7): Namely: Skype and Jabber server. Those unofficial channels are free for every client for quick'n'dirty fixes, not always related to the GNUHost infrastructure. Quite often admins answering the questions, helping our clients to find the way to resolve their own problems. Those unofficial talks sometimes evolves into dozen of clients chatting on the same channel about common and uncommon subjects for a long time.Up to the point where we coulnd name it "internal community".
Existing customers are getting 24/7 emergency support and 24/5 product support. Support channels: Skype, live chat, phone , email, tickets.