We are a 12 developers multidisciplinary software house, remote desktops/virtual offices provider and a managed hosting provider with over 1000 dedicated servers in Phoenix/Washington (USA), Switzerland/Germany (Europe) and Hong Kong.

We create hybrid mobile/web platforms for all industries (Forex, Health, Oil&Gas, Shipping) and government agencies. Unparalleled security, coming from the custom made software, by developers with decades of experience

Not a single bit of our customer data ever touches BigTech (Google/Amazon/Microsoft and the likes)
Not a single bit ever leaves customer infrastructure (document storages, emails, DNS etc) yet is still as convenient to use as popular platforms

Our brand HKong.Host


Our brand Home Care App

Home Care App

Our brand Blackiron


OUR BRAND Scoolmed


OUR BRAND Remote Offices

Remote Offices



OUR BRAND Call Center CRM/Forex CRM

Call Center CRM/Forex CRM

Data Driven Applications

Data Driven Applications

OUR PORTFOLIO Web Development

Web Development

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

High Availability Secure Hosting

High Availability Secure Hosting

Consulting and Mentoring

Consulting and Mentoring