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Microsoft Releases PyRIT - A Red Teaming Tool for Generative AI

Microsoft has released an open access automation framework called PyRIT (short for Python Risk Identification Tool) to proactively identify risks in generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Bitcoin pushes past $49k as crypto liquidations exceed $135m

Bitcoin has gained 16% in the past week and over 15% in the last 30 days, but price volatility still rocks leveraged crypto positions across the board.

Visa Introduces Crypto Withdrawals Via Debit Cards In 145 Nations

Visa now allows users to turn cryptocurrency into cash on their debit cards, partnering with Transak, a Web3 infrastructure provider for a straightforward crypto-to-fiat solution.

Kasseika Ransomware Using BYOVD Trick to Disarms Security Pre-Encryption

The ransomware group known as Kasseika has become the latest to leverage the Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver (BYOVD) attack to disarm security-related processes on compromised Windows hosts, joining the likes of other groups like Akira, AvosLocker, Black

New Findings Challenge Attribution in Denmark's Energy Sector Cyberattacks

The cyber attacks targeting the energy sector in Denmark last year may not have had the involvement of the Russia-linked Sandworm hacking group, new findings from Forescout show.

New Bandook RAT Variant Resurfaces, Targeting Windows Machines

A new variant of remote access trojan called Bandook has been observed being propagated via phishing attacks with an aim to infiltrate Windows machines, underscoring the continuous evolution of the malware.