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China-Linked Hackers Breached a Power Grid—Again

Signs suggest the culprits worked within a notorious Chinese hacker group that may have also hacked Indian electric utilities years earlier.

Google Agrees to $93 Million Settlement in California's Location-Privacy Lawsuit

Google has agreed to pay $93 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the U.S. state of California over allegations that the company's location-privacy practices misled consumers and violated consumer protection laws.

New HijackLoader Modular Malware Loader Making Waves in the Cybercrime World

A new malware loader called HijackLoader is gaining traction among the cybercriminal community to deliver various payloads such as DanaBot, SystemBC, and RedLine Stealer.

New SuperBear Trojan Emerges in Targeted Phishing Attack on South Korean Activists

The intrusion singled out an unnamed activist, who was contacted in late August 2023 and received a malicious LNK file from an address impersonating a member of the organization, non-profit entity

Social media giants urged to tackle data-scraping privacy risks

A joint statement signed by regulators at a dozen international privacy watchdogs, including the U.K.’s ICO, Canada’s OPC and Hong Kong’s OPCPD, has urged mainstream social media platforms to protect users’ public posts from scraping — warning they face a

North Korean hackers have stolen $2B of crypto since 2018

TRM Labs estimates that North Korean hackers have stolen $200 million of cryptocurrency in 2023 alone.